Dedicated to domestic and wild animal rescues as well as spay/neuter programs and educating the public about spay/neuter.

Supporting wildlife and marine conservation.

A note from the president -

The Rescue Ranch incorporated in 2003 and on December 27, 2007 we were granted our permanent, public non-profit status from the IRS after proving that 92% of all money raised went directly to animal care.  Today it is necessary to make a difference in your own little corner of the world.  The Rescue Ranch does just that when it comes to the animals that touch our lives, and our environments.  You will find others making a difference in their worlds on our “friends of…” page.  We may be small, but our hearts are big!       

Barbara Bruigom, President/Founder


07/15/2019 - 21,414

  • 2018 total s/n = 2,706
  • 2017 total s/n = 2,656
  • 2016 total s/n = 2,672
  • 2015 total s/n = 2,143
  • 2014 total s/n = 3,085
  • 2013 total s/n = 2,001  
  • 2012 total s/n = 1,583
  • 2011 total s/n = 1,198
  • 2010 total s/n = 1,032
  • 2009 total s/n = 960  

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We are not a shelter or a kennel.  We DO NOT take in animals nor do we adopt any out.  We do work closely with other shelters and groups.  To see the wonderful animals they have for adoption visit our adoption partner page!

Because we believed in them and The Pedigree Foundation belives in us - two very special boys were helped.  Read their story!

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Please remember to always spay and neuter!

For info -                           P.O. Box 55527, McRae Helena  GA 31055              229-868-9820

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