About The Rescue Ranch

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Please remember to always spay and neuter!

The Rescue Ranch

A 501(c)3 Dedicated to animal rescues, spay & neuter programs, education, supporting wildlife conservation.

Incorporated in 2003 with the express purpose of helping animals that are abandoned or injured. We strongly believe that education is key for proper care of domestic animals and how to respectfully interact with wildlife.

December 27, 2007 the IRS awarded us our permanent, public not-for-profit status as 92% of all money raised went directly to animal care. Every year since, we continue to prove 90% of all money received helps to support animals.

We received our first grant in December 2008. When we started, we knew we would service about 8-10 counties. All poor, all rural underserved areas with no animal controls, no rescue groups, no shelters. At first, we outsourced to 10 full vet facilities and in just 2 years the demand for spay & neuter services was astronomical. The facilities could not keep up with demand.

In 2010 we opened our own clinic and in 10 years have surpassed 23,500 animals fixed. We service over 75 counties all just like us! SPAY & NEUTER is the ONLY solution to keep animals from being tossed out – a common practice in poor areas. Example: in Telfair county it can take 40 minutes to drive from one end to the other. There’re only 6 cities. No services. There are about 12,000 people +/-. 3,000 are in jail. There are 7,000 taxable parcels. But on average 4,000 are in tax arrears. That leaves about 4,000-5,000 of us having to support an entire county. On the 15th and 1st evictions are through the roof. That’s when animals are tossed. When the dogs and cats are in breeding season, (dogs 2 times a year & cats 3 times a year), people will toss the animals because there are too many to feed and no where to send them. Sooooooooo they toss them in the woods, the rivers, abandoned buildings, or if dumpsters are still located throughout the county – in or at the dumpster sites.

Our services prove to be invaluable. Tossed out animals suddenly became manageable – especially when joining forces with rescue groups in state and around the USA. BUT THERE ARE STILL PEOPLE DUMPING/TOSSING OUT ANIMALS!!!!! The only way to stop it is through spay & neuter services. YOUR HELP IS INVALUABLE WITH GRANTS & DONATIONS!


In 4 years working closely with Hawkinsville-Pulaski Animal Shelter – they have not euthanized any healthy, adoptable animals!

In 2 years working with Warner Robins Animal control they have dropped their euthanasia rates by 75%

President Barbara Bruigom in 2019 received “The Animal Protector of the year” award by The Animal Protection Society for all the Rescue Ranch’s tireless efforts to better the lives of people and their pets.

The USDA often asks for The Rescue Ranch to train others who want to join the rescue world.

The Rescue Ranch holds a nationwide reputation for checking egos at the door, solving tough situations with little to no resources. Example hoarder interventions. We use all donated/grant money with 100% accountability and in full accordance with each request.

Rabies clinics are run in underserved areas. Pet food banks assist with nursing homes, homeless veterans and other environments where the love of a pet provides company where often times there is no family/friend.