Prices & Policies

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Male Dog under 6mos$60
Male Dog over 6mos$85
Female Dog before 1st heat$60
Female Dog after 1st heat$125
Any dogs over 60lbsadd $25
Male Cats*$35
Female Cats*$60
*charge if a cat's ear is NOT tipped$100
Rabies 1yr$15
Rabies 3yr$25
Any animal that is in heat, pregnant, cryptorchid (testicles have not dropped), hernia repairs, or other additional surgeryadditional $25-50



We do not accept checks! Cash, debit, or credit cards only.
If you use a card there is a $3 additional charge per animal.

Check-in starts at 9am for dogs and 10am for cats
All animals go home that day!!! We do not keep any animals overnight.

Please keep cats in carriers and put their name & your name on all carriers.

No food or water from midnight the night before surgery.

Your pet's wellness, injury, or illness visits must go to a full vet facility. We are a spay & neuter facility only!

Financial donations of any size are welcome and can be done via the link on our Donations page.